Connect for Change – Shaping global educational partnerships and projects for change



Program overview

Monday, 28.10.   Tuesday, 29.10   Wednesday, 30.10.
Arrival and Check-in
  9.00-9.15 (Plenary)
Good Morning Check-In
  9.00-9.15 (Plenary)
Good Morning Check-In

Welcome & Opening Ceremony

Address by Gaby Willamowius, State Secretary in the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony
& Dialogue

Address by the organizers

Interactive Get-to-Know: Who is here and why?


9.15-10.00 (Plenary)
Encountering each other and the world through
Embodied Exercises

Dealing with Colonialism, Power Structures and Challenges in Global Education Partnerships

Alternative Open Space


Peer Coaching: supporting each other with creativity and intelligence

Alternative Open Space

11.30-12.45 (Plenary):
Worldcafé: Identifying the Essence of our Learning for Global Education Partnerships + Open Questions

13.00-14.30: Lunch Break   12.15-14.15: Lunch Break   12.45-14.00: Lunch Break

14.30-17.30 (Plenary):
Encountering each other through Storytelling: Why I do what I do.

Keynote by Prof. Vanessa Andreotti (Video):  Digging deeper and relating wider. Dreams, Challenges and Questions towards Learning for Change in International Partnerships

Talking Islands: Translating the keynote into own work and context


14.15-15.15 (Plenary)
Fishbowl-Discussion: (How) Can there be equal partnerships in an unequal world?!

15.30-17.30: WORKSHOPS II
Strategies, Skills, Good Practice for Global Education Partnerships

Alternative Open Space


14.00-15.00 (Plenary)
Follow up Video with Prof. Andreotti
Sharing our resonance with her keynote; discussing open questions

15.00-16.00 (Plenary)
Stepping Out: Setting the compass for future collaboration and learning

Feedback & Closing Ceremony

16:00 Departure

17:30-18:00: Fire Place Circles – reflecting the day in small groups   17:45-18:15: Fire Place Circles – reflecting the day in small groups    
18.00-19.30: Dinner Break   18.15-20:00: Dinner Break    

Networking Activity – Who is here and doing what?


20:00 – Open end:
“Zero Talent Show”: Cultural & Artistic Program and Celebrations