Advice and support facilities that are specific
to Lower Saxony

Association of Lower Saxony Education Initiatives (VNB)

VNB is an umbrella organisation for adult education in Lower Saxony. It supports educational organisations and civil society initiatives in terms of content, organisation and funding and carries out educational projects in cooperation with them, for example in the fields of Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development.


In addition to general information on Global Learning, the globo:log information portal also contains a database with educational offers and materials from non-school providers in Bremen and Lower Saxony. This enables teachers and educators to quickly identify potential guest speakers for a given topic.

Association for Development Policy (VEN)

Through its Global Learning Office, VEN supports associations, initiatives and all those interested in the topic from across Lower Saxony. The office provides advice on the design, reflection and further development of educational work in this field.

The Migration and Development Office aims to integrate the diverse experience and knowledge of migrant organisations into the development activities of civil society and government actors in Lower Saxony..

Peer Leader International

Peer Leader International (PLI) is an international youth network with partner groups in many different countries. PLI works on the basis of the peer education concept and collaborates with schools and other institutions, especially in the field of youth participation and international educational projects..

IP1 – Initiativen Partnerschaft Eine Welt

“IP1 – Initiativen Partnerschaft Eine Welt” (“IP1 – One World Partnership Initiatives”) aims to support and strengthen global partnerships between schools in Lower Saxony and educational institutions and communities in countries of the Global South, with a view to facilitating longterm cooperation, exchanges of ideas and experiences and the launch of new projects.

Lower Saxony Ministry of Education and Lower Saxony Institute for Quality Development in Schools (NLQ)

The Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture and Education and the Lower Saxony Institute for School Quality Development offer support, advice and further training for schools that take part in or wish to establish school partnerships.

Youth Action Nature and Environmental Protection Lower Saxony - JANUN e. V.

JANUN is a network with many committed people and a wide range of topics and activities for young people up to 27 years old. JANUN sensitizes young people for ecological and social issues and shows possible courses of action at the political and individual level. JANUN also conducts and advises on international educational projects and partnerships.

Lutheran Mission in Lower Saxony - ELM Hermannsburg

ELM Hermannsburg works for a strong worldwide cooperation in a network of 23 Protestant churches in 19 countries on four continents. It has many experiences with parishes in partnership projects, accompanies international voluntary services, offers seminars of Global Learning and organizes diverse North-South encounters.