Reflection, further development and consolidation

Projects typically begin with many expectations, desires, great plans and euphoria. And this is a good thing, since motivation is greatly nourished by our dreams as well as the opportunities to realize them. A great deal of commitment and work is invested in preparing and carrying out various activities. The “day-to-day running” of the project quickly takes precedence and common experiences occupy centre stage. It is worthwhile to take a break every now and then, though, in order to contemplate the partnership, as well as the project itself, as a whole. It is important to pose questions with regard to the basic direction being taken and the collaborative work to be performed. A good motto for this is: “Dig deeper still and expand the circle to include new people, and enhance inspiration”. Part of this involves seeking and developing new methods to evaluate what works well and to identify problems and challenges. However, this also involves finding ways to keep the project or the partnership alive in the future as well. Alongside these points, this chapter serves as a kind of summary and conclusion of the Handbook. You can find, in the form of a checklist, Conditions of Success for Global Cooperation in Education.