Journal - Acquired skills for reflection
and contemplation

Aim: A visit was held during which the partners recorded and, together, reflected upon the effects among the participants, and carried out modifications to the programme where necessary.

Duration: 20 minutes daily, reflective discussions 90 minutes each
Participants: up to 20
Materials: one notebook and one writing utensil (pen or pencil) per participant; large sheets of paper and marker for the reflective discussions.

Procedure: All participants were asked to note down their personal learning experiences at the end of a every day during a visit at the partners. In addition, it is possible to agree in advance with regard to categories or questions: e.g. What am I curious about? How was I able to participate today? What did I bring to the table? What new things did I encounter today? What did I take with me? What did I not understand? What would I like to consider further?
In the course of a reflective discussion with as many participants as possible, following approximately three days, each participant is asked to share something from one of the categories in his or her learning diary with the others. Statements can be gathered and arranged as quotes on a large sheet of paper. In accordance with a procedure-oriented self-evaluation, the participants can now consider the effects of the visit has had on them as well as what things require reinforcement or modification. The quotes may be used further for subsequent evaluations or project reports (anonymously, if necessary).
An additional alternative would be to further distribute the learning diaries or exchange them and to provide reactions in writing to the contributions of the others. This way, dialogue and interaction can be further encouraged.