Points of contact for advice, the establishment of contacts
and organisational support

One World networks at state level

Through their work, One World groups, initiatives and non-governmental organisations promote awareness of global connections. They have joined forces in all of Germany‘s states to form state-wide One World networks. You can contact them with any questions you may have about South-North partnerships.

One World Promoters

Across Germany, there are 150 One World Promoters who advise and network civil society organisations and initiatives and initiate projects and campaigns for a more sustainable world. Specialist promoters from the field of international cooperation/partnerships provide advice and support in establishing and implementing international partnerships and projects.

ENSA school exchange programme in the field of development work

ENSA is Engagement Global‘s school exchange programme in the field of development work. ENSA offers substantive and financial support for partnerships between schools from Germany and countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and South-East Europe. In addition, ENSA also organises training and networking events for schools and associations.


Partnerschulnetz.de is a virtual partnership exchange developed within the framework of the German Foreign Office initiative “Schools: Partners of the Future”. It enables schools worldwide to search for a partner school in another country.

Church organisations

Many church organisations such as Brot für die Welt, the Catholic Fund or missionary organisations provide support for youth groups, individual parishes, One World associations and institutions, educators and other development actors in designing and applying for exchange programmes in the field of development cooperation.
www.brot-fuer-die-welt.de, www.misereor.de, www.missio.de, www.adveniat.de


Points of contact and information resources
for Global Learning

Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists

“Learn2Change – Global Network of Educational Activists” brings together education activists from around the world. It promotes exchanges of ideas, as well as the advancement and implementation of new learning approaches for social transformation. Experts from Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America are available on many topics related to Global Learning.

ESD Expert Net

The ESD Expert Net brings together experts from Germany, India, Mexico and South Africa in a global partnership. Driven by a common vision of Education for Sustainable Development, members from a wide range of institutions work on the implementation of sustainability in the educational system of each partner country.

Bildung trifft Entwicklung – regional education centres

The regional education centres of the “Bildung trifft Entwicklung” (“Education Meets Development”) programme arrange for lecturers on Global Learning and provide teaching materials for conducting educational events on development issues. They also offer advice on content and teaching methods as well as training courses.

The “Global Development in Schools” programme

The school programme of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims to embed the orientation framework for global development in the curriculum. In cooperation with the ministries of education of the German states, coordinators are available at state level who can also provide advice on the possible content of school partnerships.

The Global Learning portals of EWIK and the World University Services

Via their respective Global Learning portals, both the “Eine-Welt-Internet-Konferenz” (“One World Internet Conference”, EWIK) and the World University Service provide educational materials, methodologies, speaker referrals