The handbook “Connect for Change - Shaping global educational partnerships and projects for change” aims to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for the establishment, design and further development of global education partnerships and projects. It contains contributions from experts from all over the world

The handbook starts with a utopia describing what education, partnership and the world might look like in 2035. We look back from this future and describe in Chapter 1 the historical background that shapes our world in general and our educational work in particular. Chapter 2 motivates people to set out on their own journey, find partners and develop work plans. Chapter 3 contains concrete suggestions and tips for implementing international education partnerships and projects. Chapter 4 finally deals with the evaluation and long-term securing of corresponding activities. The book concludes with a checklist of conditions for success for good global educational cooperation.

In each chapter or subchapter, you will find texts with background information and tips for your own work, supplemented by project presentations, comments, practical methods and further information.

As an appetizer, you will find a background text from each chapter on this website as well as the practical examples, methods and overview pages with further tips and links published in the handbook.