work plan (online)

Aim:When planning joint activities, it’s helpful to have an overview of the necessary steps. These should be collected in a plan that is accessible to everyone and that contains a certain number of questions for each step or activity.

Duration:depends on the scope of the project
Participants:up to 15
Materials:For workshops: a sheet of paper (as large as possible), pens
Online: a document on a website that is accessible to all partners with the technology at their disposal, possibly tools and video conferencing technology

Procedure: Create a table with columns that relate to one question at a time. Then collect the tasks in the rows below. This table can be compiled during a joint in-person workshop, but it’s also possible to create it using online tools (e.g. or www. so that the participants can then fill it in together during a video conference or one by one afterwards. You can then use this plan to check how far the implementation has progressed.


Arrange funding for a
video shoot
We need money to
buy a camera
Apply for funding By the end
of July
Organise visas for the
trip to Germany
We cannot enter
without a visa
Contact the German
embassy, collect all the
necessary documents
By the end
of October