Launching a global education partnership

The start of a global education project or partnership can take many different forms: Schools, educational institutions or associations may want to work with international partners to expand their horizons, but don’t have the relevant contacts yet. Perhaps personal contacts already exist, for example through migrants, pupils, students or volunteers who live or have lived in other regions or countries of the world. Finally, there may be existing international projects that primarily collect donations and pursue charitable purposes, but now want to implement educational projects in the spirit of a partnership on an equal footing.

This chapter provides suggestions for how to set up projects and partnerships in all three situations. Not only for newcomers, but also in the case of long-standing contacts, it makes sense to start by reflecting on the needs, the potential and the expectations of both sides regarding such a partnership. This chapter will then show how the partners can create a sound foundation of mutual trust for their joint project. It also offers tips and assistance for the concrete planning of education projects and for even more comprehensive global education partnerships..