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Connect for Change – Shaping global educational partnerships and projects for change




Prof. Dr. Vanessa Andreotti, Department of Education, University of British Columbia (Canada), gave a thematic input at the beginning of the conference.
Her video presentation is entitled: "Digging deeper and Relating Wider. Dreams, Challenges and Questions towards Learning for Change in International Partnerships".
Her core thesis is that the continuing of traditional structures in international partnerships has to be interrupted because of damaging behavior (in relation to the earth, the climate, global challenges and in relation to (inter-) human interactions). In her opinion, a change is needed so that international partnerships can succeed in mutual exchange and at equal footing. Each individual can be part of this change and contribute to improved action by reflecting on the prevailing conditions.
She uses the HEADSUP model and the four denial strategies to explain the effectiveness of the structures that have been in use up to now. Finally, Prof. Dr. Vanessa Andreotti explains what is necessary to initiate successful partnerships. More about this in the video.

The participants discussed the video in small groups, in so-called “talking-islands” (Link zum Dokument, s.u.). Vanessa Andreotti answered the questions identified there by the participants in a follow-up video at the end of the conference.

A handout prepared by Timo Holthoff on the video of Vanessa Andreotti you can find here


Fourteen workshops were held on topics, formats and good practice, on cooperation between schools and civil society and on the participation of young people in international education partnerships and projects. Participants of the conference led all workshops.

On the morning of 29.10.2019, seven workshops were offered under the heading "Dealing with Colonialism, Power Structures and Challenges in Global Education Partnerships". Further information can be found here

In the afternoon of 29.10.2019, another seven workshops were held on "Strategies, Skills, Good Practice for Global Education Partnerships". Further information can be found here


Interactive methods for exchange and networking

In order to bring the participants into good dialogue with each other, many discussions took place in self-organized small groups using methods such as storytelling and peer coaching.

In the plenary sessions, group building exercises, a Fishbowl discussion on the question "(How) can there be equal partnerships in an unequal world?" and a World Café entitled "Identifying the Essence of our Learning for Global Education Partnerships" ensured the active involvement of all participants.

Here you can find the handouts used in the conference for


Talking Islands / Fire Place Circles

Peer Coaching

Timo Holthoff prepared all handouts for the conference.

Galery beginning and end
Galery Workshop Session I
Galery Workshop Session II
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